Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — The Magic Formula

Posted on: March 5, 2010

Recently I was in a conference where people were discussing about mobile applications. Mainly what kind of apps will win, and why. Everybody were confused because some applications which are built in very little effort become super hit, and many other (good) applications fail unexpectedly – somewhat similar to our movies!

Towards the end of the panel discussion, the main speaker (VP of a telephone manufacturer’s R & D Division) made a very strong statement, ‘No one can predict which applications we should make and what the consumers will like, or buy, or download. If somebody could find a magic formula to this, then they would be rich overnight!’

One of the other panelists shot back with a funny comment ‘I have cracked that magic formula. If you want to sell millions of mobile apps and make lot of money, either make an application which helps people save time, Or something that helps them kill time. Or better, design an application which helps them to do both these at the same time!’

Immediately, the whole conference hall burst into laughter. Everyone thought it’s a very good joke.

But is it really? Just browse through Apple’s iTunes, Nokia’s OVI Store, Or Google’s Android Store and look at their ‘Top 10’ or ‘Popular’ Lists. Most of the HIT applications there either help people save time (Example: Productivity Tools), or kill time (Example: Games). So there is some truth in this statement after all.

Do you think this is applicable to CRM Products / Projects as well? In general, where do you think CRM fits in this equation? Can we visualize a successful CRM Mobile application? How?



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