Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — Simplicity

Posted on: March 12, 2010

Not very long after Pakistan got their independence, they choose to attack India to capture certain additional areas that they felt belonged to them. Prime among them was Kashmir.

Of course, India won that war, and many others fought for the same reason. That’s not our focus here.

During 1965 War, Pakistan had ordered number of latest army tanks, to fight against India. All of them were technically MOST advanced, and Pakistan felt it will be a key in their success over Indians.

But guess what, the same army tanks, equipped with latest technologies, became the primary reason for their failure.


The reason is very subtle. Pakistan soldiers had never seen those latest tanks before the war started, and they had no practice, or training, or time to get used to its buttons, controls etc.,. They were forced to use them directly in the real war.

This resulted in lot of confusions. Most of the army men didn’t know what those buttons do, or how to use the available (latest and most advanced) controls. They resulted in making errors, and lost their lives. India crushed them with their old, inferior technology, but simple, easily usable tanks and other weapons.

Having a product, or a service, or a project, or a software program with so many complex features doesn’t assure us a success. Sometimes, that itself can become the reason for our failure. That’s why iPod has fewest buttons among all the MP3 Players in the world, and still sells like … well, iPods!



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