Naga Chokkanathan

Two Hours Of Thirst

Posted on: March 29, 2010

(Wrote this for Tulika Books’ Blogathon-2 in this URL:

Few days back, my daughter forgot to take her water bottle when she went for her weekly dance class. We also didn’t notice it till she returned from the class.

Unfortunately, this class happens in some other student’s house, in a closed environment. As a result, she started feeling very thirsty and needed water. But she felt very shy to ask somebody else, as she is used to carrying water bottle with her wherever she goes, and both of us (Her parents) advised her strongly against drinking unsafe water. Hence, she remained thirsty throughout the two hour dance class and when I went to pick her, she was almost crying. When I checked, she just said ‘I need water.’

Of course, we went to a nearby shop and she got her water + a bowl of ice cream to go with it. But that gave me an opportunity to have a nice chat with her, about water, and natural resources in general.

Water is something we all take for granted. But the reality is, its fast disappearing and already many places in India (not only villages) are suffering because of this. If we are not careful, this may spread to the entire world – This is what I told her and after two hours of thirst, she could take the message easily, and agreed to co-operate with us to save water, or atleast not to waste it unnecessarily.

I need to see how much this works in reality. But I felt my daughter forgetting water bottle for a day, is a real good thing to happen for her!


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