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Why Not? — Act Childish

Posted on: April 8, 2010

When is the last time you used the word Childish? In what context?

Somehow, we are under the assumption that the word ‘childish’ means doing something wrong, silly, making a mistake and so on. But the truth is, almost every major mistake the world has seen till date was by adults, not children. Then why call that behavior “Childish”?

This is the question from Ms. Adora Svitak, A child prodigy, writer, speaker and most important, thinker. You can read more about Adora in her official site:

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Recently, Adora made a short presentation in the famous TED event. You can find the video here:

When we listen to Adora, a single, strong question occupies our mind. Why do we assume children can only act silly? They may not understand practical aspects of life, they may not listen / respect rules (or laws), they may lack experience, but that doesn’t mean they are to be treated as second class citizens. In fact, throughout the history of mankind, every generation is found to be more intelligent than the previous one, and it is important that we give credit to this future generation.

According to Adora, adults should let children act ‘child’ish, their boundless creativity will produce wonderful results, than our restricted thought process. New ideas come very natural to them, and they always think out-of-the-box, In fact, for them there is no box at all, the entire world is open with possibilities, and possibilities only. This is something adults need to learn from children.

Adults Learning from children? Are you ‘Kid’ding?

Oh yeah, there is a famous book called “All I Really Need To Know, I Learnt In Kindergarten” By Robert Fulghum. Some of those points may surprise you, and after going through this list, you would start respecting children more than you love them:

  • Share
  • If you make a mess, you need to clean it up
  • After using things, Put them back in their place
  • Don’t hurt anyone, If you do, Say “Sorry”
  • Learn something, and then play, Don’t miss out on either of these – Balance is very important in life
  • Give Fair chance for everyone
  • Look at the world with wonder
  • Be creative

These may look very simple and silly. But think again, Are we following these easy rules we learnt as children? Why Not?

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