Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — Work Stress

Posted on: April 30, 2010

Do you think your job is very stressful?

The answer depends on the individuals, their attitude, working style, peers, superiors, work environment, organizational culture etc., It is always possible that two people doing a similar (or even same) job can give different answers to this question.

Hence, we need to take any information about “Job Stress” with a grain of salt. Recently, has done an interesting survey on this regard, and found the most (and least) stressful jobs of 2010, In America. Here are their ratings:

Most Stressful Jobs:

  1. Firefighters
  2. Senior Corporate Executives
  3. Taxi Driver
  4. Surgeon
  5. Police Officer
  6. Commercial Pilot
  7. Highway Patrol Officer
  8. Public Relations Officer
  9. Advertising Account Executive
  10. Real Estate Agent

Reducing workplace stress is everybody’s responsibility, as with the definition itself, there are no golden rules on how to make this happen, But there are certain techniques typically recommended which we can try out:

  • Job role definitions, Processes in place
  • Having right people on the bus (to suit which direction the bus is going), and ensuring they are in right seats as well
  • Accept / Assign / Manage a realistic workload, based on the individual’s talent, abilities, availability and other priorities (within / outside the office)
  • Continuously update (or ask for an update) the task(s) status, Avoid last minute surprises
  • Delegated responsibilities, and effective monitoring / control
  • Enhanced communication, interactions
  • Work – Life balance
  • Awareness of Ego, and related behavior changes, Education on interpersonal skills, empathy etc.,
  • More?



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