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bada Developer Conference, Bangalore

Posted on: June 14, 2010

Today I attended a developer conference conducted by Samsung, Recently they have launched their new OS called ‘bada’ (not the hindhi ‘bada’, In Korean ‘bada’ means Ocean :). The first ‘bada’ phone will be available on Indian market in next few weeks, Its going to be called ‘Samsung Wave’.

In this developer conference, Samsung technology evangelists from India and Korea (including the brain behind ‘bada’, Mr. Justin Hong) conducted 15 sessions in which they shared lot of useful information about bada, developing applications for bada and selling applications. So much info in just 8 hours, It was really fascinating!

To develop applications in bada, you need to use their SDK and write code in C/C++, The IDE used currently is Eclipse, and development support is available only for Windows XP as of now. In future they may support development of bada apps in Linux and other OSes.

As Samsung is a late entrant in this Mobile OS / Apps Market, they want developers to help them by building lot of useful apps for them. In return, they pay developers 70% of revenues from their apps, They have even launched a contest for bada Mobile Apps, with cash awards worth 2.7 Million USD. Looks like India is the country with maximum entries in this contest – There is still time, in case you want to join:

I am attaching the notes from today’s session here. Few warnings before you click the link:

  1. Kindly excuse typo errors, grammatical mistakes, wrong statement constructs and  every other possible errors  – I had to type very fast 🙂
  2. I didn’t get any of the Korean names right, Almost all of them are wrong – If anyone has access to this Agenda as a soft copy, Please let me know and I will correct them asap
  3. This is NOT an official document – If any info is wrong, the mistake is entirely mine.


N. Chokkan …

14 06 2010


2 Responses to "bada Developer Conference, Bangalore"

How much support does this SDK and environment has for Thamizh I/o ?

Zero – They said all Indian languages support is in priority list – May happen in near future, Can’t assure 🙂

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