Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — Power Of Visualization

Posted on: July 30, 2010

I love Google Reader’s “Explore” feature. It analyzes my blog reading pattern and somehow magically finds items of interest to me from other blogs which I am not even aware. 90% of the time, Google’s guess is right, I love the random blogs it brings to my “Explore Box”.

Today Google gave me an interesting picture. It had two boxes, one HUGE, and another tiny. The huge box had a text inside it “200 Billion Hours: A year spent in watching TV by US Adults). After reading this, I immediately jumped to the tiny box. Its text was “100 Million Hours: to create Wikipedia”

(Image Courtesy:

What a powerful message! Even 1000s of articles, videos, expert interviews or advertisements about Wikipedia wouldn’t have given me this insight. Now I can clearly understand what a focused attention can achieve, even if the number of people behind it is less, or the amount of time spent is tiny, or both. This message was conveyed with a simple picture, which even a 4 year old kid can draw on a piece of paper or computer.

These images are called “InfoGraphics”. We see them in newspapers, magazines, television, and every other visual media. They take a bit of information (many times boring statistics) and visualize it in such an interesting way that it sticks in people’s memory. Many times we forget the article accompanied by these infographics, but we remember the image / information very well.

Power of visualization brings the context. As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and an infographics is worth a lot more. It is worth investing our time to build such visual imageries whenever we want our messages to stick!



N. Chokkan …

30 07 2010


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