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Why Not? — Be a Thermostat

Posted on: August 6, 2010

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Seth Godin, in his bestseller book “Tribes” talks about two kinds of people – Thermometers & Thermostats.

What’s the difference?

Thermometers are good in showing the temperature. They may be very accurate in pointing out how hot (or how cold) the day is, but they can’t do anything about it – a thermometer can’t change a hot day to cold or the other way. You need a thermostat for that.

Seth Godin says there are some people who just find faults. They don’t know how to correct those problems, all they can do is point their fingers and say ‘you are wrong’. That’s’ it. Their job is done.

Of course, we need such people to make this world a better people. But what we really require is more ‘thermostat’ variety (those who not only understand the problem, but also set about doing something about it).

You can differentiate Thermometer people and Thermostat peoples by just looking at their notes / emails / letters. One will have just problem statements and the other will have possible solutions too, at least to kick start the discussion in the right direction!



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06 08 2010


1 Response to "Why Not? — Be a Thermostat"

Food for thought. A mechanical thermostat or an electronic one?

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