Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — Is your App fit enough?

Posted on: September 17, 2010

This is supposed to be an “information age”. But we all know it has become information-overload-age long back.

With many types of media fighting for public’s attention, it is very difficult to determine what might be the best way to reach out to people. When we have something to say, should we directly Email it to interested parties? Or a hand-written note by post will help? Perhaps ask a print magazine to cover this? What about a TV Channel? Youtube video at least? What about social media? A nice facebook message, or a twitter update goes a long way, Isn’t it?

The fact is no one can answer this question with total confidence. With so many Emails, social network updates, instant chat messages, newspaper articles, magazine features, TV / radio programs and more, people are hard pressed for time and nobody knows what they would read and what they would reject.

But fortunately for us, good old Darwin Theory still holds good. Remember? Survival of the fittest!*

Few days back, a Stanford student by name Feross Aboukhadijeh launched a new search engine called “YouTube Instant”. It offers real time search on YouTube videos and plays your favorite video instantly as you type the search phrase. He announced this new search engine using a news website.

Ideally, we would expect such messages to get lost in the internet info-maze. Afterall, hundreds of developers are launching thousands of new applications everyday. Hence a new product / service / application differentiating itself and grabbing user attention is next to impossible.

But in spite of this ‘reality’, Feross’s “YouTube Instant” became a big hit within couple of days of its launch. People used it heavily, forwarded the link to their friends, wrote about it in their blogs, shared the link in social networks. Overnight Feross has got hundreds of (unpaid) marketers making his new application popular.

Reason? Simple! It was a real value-add extension to YouTube and Users simply loved it. They wanted everyone to use this tool and many became its unofficial brand ambassadors. Word spread thro’ multiple channels and apparently, Feross got a message from CEO of YouTube Chad Hurley “Loving YouTube Instant. Want a Job?”

So, Darwin Theory is proven yet again – Survival of the fittest (app)!

We can apply this logic to our CRM++ Extensions, projects, even simple web pages that we create – Is our App fit enough? Is it adding real value to its users and deserves to survive?

* Contrary to popular belief, It is not Charles Darwin who coined this term. Google for “Herbert Spencer”



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