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An Innovative Session

Posted on: September 27, 2010

Today I attended a developer conference organized by Intel Software. It gave lot of insights into Intel’s future roadmap (micro-architectures / multi-core innovations etc.,).

However, the highlight of this conference was a keynote speech by Mr. Ramkumar Kothandaraman (Director, Microsoft Technology Center, Bengalooru, India). His topic was “Innovation in IT Sector”.

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During this keynote address, Ramkumar spoke in detail about many trends in IT industry today and advised how developers should change their thinking from traditional to modern devices / modes / ways of application access. I have added my complete (but unstructured) notes from this event  here –> (Excuse typo errors please).

The interesting part about this speech was, it was not based on any template. Ramkumar had a very unique design for his slides and an unusual style of presentation. No boring buzz words, Lots of quotes, nice pictures, simple examples which even your great grand father would have understood … Crowd simply loved it. I would say its one of the best presentations I have seen in last couple of years!

Another unique thing about this session was, there were book recommendations in almost every slide titled “Book Worth Reading”. For example if a slide talks about new gadgets for application access, in the bottom right corner of that slide, a related book appeared with its cover. Ramkumar didn’t talk anything about those books or tried to impress us with his readership qualities, He just kept them there so that people interested can note down and hunt for those books later.

I don’t know about others, I sure made a note of them. Here is the list, in case you are interested:

  1. The E Myth Revisited – Michael E Gerber
  2. The Innovator’s Solution – Clayton M Christensen & Michael E Raynor
  3. The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
  4. From Concept to Consumer – Phil Baker
  5. Joel On Software – Joel Spolsky
  6. Everything is Miscellaneous – David Weinberger
  7. From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur – Stephanie Chandler
  8. Great Age Guide to Gadgets & Gizmos – Sandy Berger
  9. A Project design to UX Design – Russ Unger, Carolyn Chandler
  10. The Art of Innovation – Thomas Kelley
  11. The Cathedral & The Bazaar – Eric S. Raymond
  12. The Wisdom Of Crowd – James Surowiecki
  13. Crowdsourcing – Jeff Howe
  14. Who wants to end a list at an unlucky number? This is a dummy entry to make it lucky 😉

Mr. Ramkumar Kothandaraman’s Blog –>


N. Chokkan …

27 09 2010


7 Responses to "An Innovative Session"


Indeed a brilliant list. Any chance of this presentation pushed to Slideshare. Had the good fortune of reading atleast half of the books in the list. Thanks for sharing. Good pointer for Ramkumar’s blog.

Cathedral & the Bazaar is the foundation for Linux (FYI)

Thank you very much Chokkan for sharing your views on the keynote speech by Mr Ramkumar Kothandaraman and for providing the list of books mentioned by him !

Thanks Narain / Uma Maheswaran,


They didn’t share the presentations. May be you can ask the presenter directly at 🙂

– Naga Chokkanathan,


u can add 2 more books in that list. 1% Windfall-Rafi Mohammed & Mesh by Lisa Gensky & also chk

Thanks Chokkan,

Contacted him thru his FB. Let’s see if he can upload the presentation in slideshare

nalla pathivu nanri badri :>

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