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Why Not? — Well Being

Posted on: October 1, 2010

How do you define the term ‘Happiness’? What about ‘Well being’?

These words are highly subjective. Some may feel earning lots of money is ‘Well being’, while others may insist ‘health is wealth’. For some, the power to control things around them gives happiness. Few may consider an honest work and good night’s sleep as the signs of happiness.

In 2008, UK Government’s “Foresight” Project asked a group called nef (New Economics Foundation) to find out what well-being really means. They conducted a detailed survey / study to recommend how someone can improve their well-being. Their final report suggests five factors as the “Ways to wellbeing”. They are:

  • Being Connected (With people around you – family members / colleagues / neighbors / even strangers. Building such connections will support / enrich our days!)
  • Being Active (Physical Activity, Mobility, Fitness, Healthy lifestyle etc.,)
  • Taking Notice (Being aware of the world around us, Being Curious, Appreciating, Savoring each moment, Thinking about our experiences)
  • Continuous Learning (Trying something new, Setting Challenges / achieving them, Raising the bar on a continuous basis) &
  • Giving (Social Responsibility, Community Services, Supporting those in need)

By this formula, what is your ‘Well Being Score’? If you read this full report in this URL, you can create your own plans to improve this score –>



N. Chokkan …

01 10 2010


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Why not plan for future and go ahead accepting the losses cheerfully These qualities make a winner in life. Lifestyle Center

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