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Why Not? — Write!

Posted on: October 15, 2010

Today I read a very interesting article by Subroto Bagchi, co-founder, director & gardener (ever heard of this title before?) of MindTree and a best selling author. This article / blog post is titled “About Writing”.

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In this wonderful summary of his personal thoughts on writing, Subroto Bagchi makes a very valid point: “Most people can write. They do not write because they think writing requires inspiration and such inspiration must flow out of some unseen source. That may be true of writing fiction or poetry that needs a “creative” capability of a high order. But we all know that the world needs a lot of “functional writing” as well. Increasingly, the professional space is expanding, we all have to write a report, a proposal or communicate with our teams as part of our normal working.

With this background, Subroto Bagchi gives 10 simple rules which can help everyone to write:

  • Rule #1 – Write as if you are speaking
  • Rule #2 – Choose a theme to write on
  • Rule #3 – Structure your thoughts around an idea before you start writing
  • Rule #4 – Write without worrying whether people would love to read the piece
  • Rule #5 – Read what you have written and check for simple things like grammar
  • Rule #6 – Read what you have written for comprehension
  • Rule #7 – Get someone unconnected to read the piece
  • Rule #8 – Store your writing securely some place
  • Rule #9 – Read what other people write
  • Rule #10 – Publish! (As you begin, start with your college magazine, a trade journal or the company’s intranet portal. Over time, we all progress to bigger things.)



N. Chokkan …

15 10 2010


1 Response to "Why Not? — Write!"

How u r posting these many articles? How much time u take to post a average lenth tamil post?
I find them all interesting!
Pleased to see u carrying on this wrting.

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