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The feature I wish my smart phone had!

Posted on: October 21, 2010

Like many, I am a big fan of “To Do” Lists. Most of the times, they control my life, not the other way.

Usually I maintain more than one “To Do” List – One in my phone with beautiful alert tones, another in my desk which uses the good old pen and paper technology, a third one in my Email inbox, another in my computer desktop (to do.txt), In  addition, I write a special “To Do” list for every weekend, which will contain tasks I need to complete within the Saturday, Sunday boundary!

But above all these there is a BIG “To Do” list running in our brain (mind?) constantly. Most of these physical or electronic “To Do” lists get their data from this master list. (a lot like a water tank – water taps model!)

The problem is, this big (water tank) “To Do” list gets filled in  many ways:

  • Sometimes we get tasks when we speak to people (Can you complete this by Friday? Yes! Can you get bread on your way back home? Yes!)
  • Sometimes deadlines come in letters / Emails (Marriage invitations, Book Release Events, Seminars, Bus / Train / Flight tickets, Bills etc.,)
  • There may be repeating / recurring tasks which need to be added to the master “To Do” List automatically in fixed frequencies (Birthdays, Weekly Update Meetings, Loan / Credit card payments etc.,)
  • Rarely, we have ‘self-service’ tasks. No one asks / monitors if we do them, but deep inside, we want to spend time on these as well (Diet, Learning a new language, Calling friends / relatives etc.,)

Our brain is intelligent enough to understand and categorize these things as virtual “To Do” lists. But unfortunately, we are not capable of doing them without the help of few physical lists.

Many times we fail to complete a task just because we forgot about it. Later when we remember it again, most probably its too late. Errr!

Can a smart phone solve this problem? I am visualizing a solution like below (As this is just an imagination, Let me be VERY greedy – Don’t laugh please 😀 )

  • A smart phone comes with a small cap-like device which I can fix in my head. It should be light so that I can wear it for at least 12 to 16 hours a day
  • This cap should talk to my smart phone using Bluetooth or some similar wireless technology
  • Whenever I hear / see / read / think about a possible task, the magic cap should sense it and send the text to my smart phone – It will add it to my To Do List (Remember, This should work Even if the “task” comes in a very unusual way. For example – Let us say I see a movie poster and think ‘Will that be a nice movie to watch?’ – Immediately a “To Do” task needs to be created which says “Explore more about movie xyz”!)
  • This way all my “To Do” lists are synchronized in one place, and they contain every task I ever think of doing – I don’t have to miss a deadline again!

Recently I read about an innovation where a robot does what we ‘think’ about. If such technologies exist, I am sure this ‘smart to do list’ requirement will become a reality soon!

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9 Responses to "The feature I wish my smart phone had!"

Great imagination. But already machines are doing 80% of our works. You are trying to make it as 100%.

your smart phone should be a mind reader…good liked that idea and voted for you
read mine too A Woman’s life

That was an interesting post. Enjoyed reading it. Promoted your post too 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading my post and promote it too if you like 🙂
When love calls

This To-Do thing can definitely help me too! 😀
Read, liked and voted buddy! 😀

What you are asking is not a smart phone, but a mind reader

After the invention and marketing of Chokkan’s dream Phone:

“Whats the reason for Divorce?”

“Your Honor, We present his Phone as evidence. his to-do lists are full of girls Photos- almost ALL the girls he seen on his way – to get more info about them. Clearly a breach of marital contract!”

Good Idea Naga. Looking forward for such technology to evolve.

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comes from a person who explain gtd so nicely , unexpected

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