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Why Not? — Collect Information

Posted on: October 29, 2010

Last weekend I went to an old book store. They had three floors full of used books in almost every imaginable topic.

I was browsing for few out-of-print books and the store owner was able to help me find few of them. All those books had no price tag in them, so I was worried ‘what if this guy charges me a bomb?’

The store owner sensed my anxiety and told me ‘Don’t worry sir, We only charge reasonable cost for these books!’

‘But how do you know how much is reasonable?’

‘Through Internet!’

This was very surprising for me. Agreed, I am in Bengalooru, one of the most IT-enabled cities in India. But internet in an old book store? He must be joking!

But he was not. It seems he decides the price of every rare book in his store by browsing internet for antique book stores / clubs / user groups. He looks for information about similar books and how they are priced in different countries. He even checks if the book is available for free download in some illegal websites. Based on these analyses, he comes to the final price tag.

As a result, I had to pay 400 rupees for a very small book. I was upset about this pinch, but he justified the price by proving to me how rare the book was and pocketed his cool profit. Another store owner with no knowledge about that book would have let me take that book for just 50 or 100 rupees.

Information is wealth – even in an old book store!



N. Chokkan …

29 10 2010


3 Responses to "Why Not? — Collect Information"

Hello Sir,

Iam also in Bangalore only, may i know the shop name and location.


Its called Blossoms – In Church street (parallel to MG Road) – Its a big shop, you can’t miss it 🙂

Thanks a lot…will visit for sure 🙂

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