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Why Not? — 10Q

Posted on: November 4, 2010

In his book “The Genius Formula” Tony Buzan (Bestselling author and the inventor(?) of Mind Maps) discusses in detail about what makes someone a genius. According to him, measuring somebody’s intelligence by IQ tests alone is not a good measure because there are many other things which are not addressed by IQ. Instead he suggests we measure ourselves against ten different types of intelligences and see where we rank:

  1. Verbal Intelligence – Understanding of words / meanings / their relationships etc.,
  2. Numerical Intelligence – Mathematical skills, calculations etc.,
  3. Creative Intelligence – Ability to look at things in a different way, Using imagination to solve problems
  4. Engineering Intelligence – This has nothing to do with building a bridge or a building, but talks about spatial intelligence – understanding and laying out shapes and designs, reading maps etc.,
  5. Interpersonal Intelligence – How you connect / work with others, communication, empathy and similar peoples’ skills
  6. Intrapersonal Intelligence – Same as #5, but this talks about your relationship with yourself. How much we understand ourselves? Our strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement etc.,
  7. Sensory Intelligence – Ability to use your senses – How much can you see / hear / feel? Is it good enough?
  8. Physical Intelligence – Again, this has nothing to do with physics lessons. But it talks about the ability to keep our physical body fit and running!
  9. Spiritual Intelligence – Ability to live in harmony with the nature / our environment / other people / animals / plants / everything around us
  10. Intelligence Of Intelligences – Knowledge about the other 9 types of prime intelligences and the ability to use our strengths in each one of them in an useful / effective manner

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Tony Buzan suggest us to do a self evaluation – On a scale of 1 to 10, where do I stand in these 10 intelligences? What will be my total score (Out of 100)? What are the areas of possible improvement and what can I do to strengthen the missing skills?



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04 11 2010


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