Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — Have Fun @ Whatever You Do

Posted on: November 12, 2010

Many people dread mathematics. Surveys indicate that math is one subject in which majority of the people feel they will fail, no matter how intelligent they are in other aspects.

But Mathematics (or for that matter any other subject) can be learnt / taught / used in a fun way. There are tons of books / multimedia content / internet resources to prove this. The moment we start seeing the ‘fun’ element in things, the ‘work’ness vanishes, interest is generated magically and we somehow learn it, master it and strive to achieve something in it.

Ralph P Boas Jr was a very famous mathematician from America. Best known for his lectures and articles which made even the most complex mathematical concepts easy to digest for everyone.

Ralph P. Boas

(Image Courtesy:

Once Ralph Boas was delivering a lecture, and someone from the audience remarked, ‘You make math sound like fun.’

Boas’s immediate response was, ‘If it isn’t fun, why do it?’



N. Chokkan …

12 11 2010


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