Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — (Over?)Confidence

Posted on: November 26, 2010

1944 – Mumbai Docks 7000 Tonne ship blast

1991 – Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait

1997 – A blast at a major refinery site in South India

2001 – The Gujarat Earthquake disaster

2002 – A MIG 21 crash in a Bank building at Jalandhar

2004 – Fire at Centurian Bank of Lalbaug which lasted for more than 2 days

2005 – Fire at the Oasis centre in Dubai which lasted overnight and burnt down the entire mall

All these disasters had one common link, Guess!

During all these accidents (natural / man–made), Godrej’s safes were installed in those premises. Today their website ( proudly says “our solutions came out unscathed”. Even when the whole building was destroyed in fire / other impact, documents inside Godrej Safes were safe and sound – Hard to argue with such proof!

Recently, almost all organizations started adopting such ‘live-proof’ scenarios to claim better quality / price. You might have seen advertisements which say “Lowest price. If you find this cheaper elsewhere, we will pay you double the difference”. When a consumer reads such confident statements, they believe that the claim must be true. Not sure if anyone goes back and checks if their price is really the cheapest.

Not only product manufacturers / service companies, even politicians are using this strategy – a Corporator in Bangalore has announced that his ward (Nagpura) is 100% pothole-free. He is so confident about the quality of his work that he has announced a cash reward of Rs 1000/- to anyone who spots a pothole in his ward!

Of course, these may be termed as ‘Tall Claims’ or “Self-promotion Gimmicks’. But the truth is there must be something that makes them feel so over-confident about their company / work. It may be an ingredient that we need to mix with our work, in right ratio and that will help us become better individuals / communicators / presenters / assertive personalities.

So, will we pay a cash reward of Rs 10/- to anyone who spots a bug in our software program / document / any other work? If not, Why? What it takes for us to reach that level of confidence?



N. Chokkan …

26 11 2010


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