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Why Not? — Stand-up Performance

Posted on: January 21, 2011

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Famous novelist, and Pulitzer prize winner Philip Roth uses a curious tool to stay fit – He works on his computer standing up!

Of course, the reason behind his stand-up performance is a bad back. But slowly Philip Roth seems to have converted it into a fitness routine, and a way to improve his creatively / thought process.

According to an interview he gave to Guardian, UK, Philip Roth writes on a computer standing up. After writing few paragraphs of text, he paces around the room many times, which allows him to think and concentrate. Once he is clear about what to write, he just types them and starts walking again. As per his guesstimate, he walks around half a mile for every page he writes.

Recently, Doctors and dietitians started advising a similar ‘cure’ for shedding those extra pounds we gain by sitting all day long. Computer tables are now coming with options to increase the height so that you can work standing up. Someone even invented a treadmill-integrated computer table, so that you can walk while you work!

We have heard of stand-up comedians, may be its time we have stand-up programmers, designers, writers and business analysts 😉



N. Chokkan …

21 01 2011


2 Responses to "Why Not? — Stand-up Performance"

Standup programmers….LOL 🙂 …Interesting read.

Nice to read 🙂 Stand up readers we do have !

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