Naga Chokkanathan

Why Not? — Scratch Your Own Itch

Posted on: February 11, 2011

Today morning, I couldn’t locate my mobile phone and house keys. After thirty seconds of rapid searching in obvious places, I got frustrated. I called my mobile number from my land line phone, and It started ringing. So I could easily locate it by just following the ‘sound’.

But things were not that easy when it came to locating my house keys. Technology couldn’t help me and I had to spend another 15 minutes searching for it!

I am sure all of us come across such problems once in a while (if not everyday J), So why not invent a technical solution for this too? Sort of Google-for-home?

Here is my idea:

  • There is a small RFID tag that I can attach to anything – especially things I am more likely to misplace (Keys, TV Remote Control, Spectacles / glasses etc.,)
  • This tag has a 4 digit number, which I have to note down carefully. For example (House Key – 1234, Car Key – 2345, Remote Control – 3456 etc.,)
  • From that point onwards, Whenever I misplace these items, all I need to do is, pickup my phone, dial a number – punch in the 4 digit number of the misplaced object … Immediately, It starts ringing / buzzing, I can go and locate it

This may look like a silly idea, or a wild imagination to solve a simple problem of mine. But guess what, most of the successful innovations are results of “Scratch your own Itch” – Make something you want to use! I found the following examples from the popular book “Rework” By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (Founders of the famous “37SIGNALS” company): James Dyson (Invented world’s first cyclonic, bagless vacuum cleaner), Vic Firth (Invented “Perfect Pair” drumsticks), Bill Bowerman (Invented Nike Waffle Shoe when his own team faced problems with their running shoes) and Mary Kay Wagner (She was the first ‘user’ for all her skin-care products)  – these people (and many others) scratched their own itches, and went on to become very successful product owners!

So, what is your big idea?



N. Chokkan …

11 02 2011


1 Response to "Why Not? — Scratch Your Own Itch"

Looks like this idea will become a reality soon 🙂

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