Naga Chokkanathan

Run Before He Ran

Posted on: February 12, 2011

Currently reading Outlook’s Special Commemorative Issue on Sachin Tendulkar, titled “Sir Sachin”. Found this interesting piece from Harsha Bhogle’s article:


(Image Courtesy:

Context: March 1, 2003. @ Centurion, World Cup Match Between India Vs Pakistan, Sachin scored 98, But towards the later part of his innings, he was struggling because of Cramps and surely a runner was needed. But he continued to hobble, waving all requests away. Later Harsha asked him for the reason and this was Sachin’s response:

Whoever ran for him, Tendulkar said, would have to be at least two yards quicker than him, because he would have to assess whether or not a single was on. He would have to see how hard, or softly the ball had been struck, where the fielder was and then think of the possibility of a single. But, said Tendulkar, since he was batting, he already knew all that and so had an advantage. His Single, he said, began before he hit the ball.

I must have looked quizzical, even disbelieving, because he elaborated. He knew, he said, where the fielder was and adjusted his stroke accordingly and so the single was conceived before the ball was played and executed with soft hands.

It was an extraordinary story about one of the great one-day batting performances of all time. And he told it like it was a simple narrative. He wasn’t boasting, merely stating things – unaware, I suspect, that it wasn’t quite as obvious to someone else. That to me is the essence of Tendulkar, The ability to conceive an innings and execute it daringly.

This collection has wonderful articles and pictures and a must have for any Sachin follower. Only complaint, I feel it is not priced right (Rs 100/-). Sometime back “The Week” Brought a similar Sachin Special and gave it for free (along with their regular issue), Outlook could have done something similar, or priced this at Rs 40/- or 50/-.


N. Chokkan …

12 02 2011

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