Naga Chokkanathan

Its Not a Matter of 4 Rupees

Posted on: February 23, 2011

Note: I wrote this Email to the CEO of and tweeted about it. Because there is no response, I am posting this in my blog. Let me clarify, Its not the matter of 4 rupees, What they are doing is unfair and I want the world to know about it!


Good Evening,

My name is Naga Chokkanathan, I am from Bangalore,

Recently I saw the Advt about SeventyMM’s offer – Pay 1 Rupee to get a one month trial subscription of your services and I wanted to try it. I registered thro’ the website, But for some reason I couldn’t complete the transaction,

Next day, a teleservice person from your side called me, and asked me to punch in my credit card number in the IVR system. It gave an error, I was asked to try again.,

Curiously, while I was trying it, I got a SMS from my credit card company that my transaction for 1 rupee is approved. But your telesales representative clearly told me that it is not approved. She asked me to try again,

If the transaction value is Rs 100/- or so, I wouldn’t have tried it again, But this is just 1 rupee, So I decided to try again. This time also, I got an approval SMS from my credit card company, But your person said its not yet approved – not reflecting in her system.

So we tried again, again – Same result, Finally I gave up.

Today, I got this month’s statement from my credit card company and surprise, the 4 transactions of 1 rupee are still there – That means, I am charged for them and I assume you got the money from me, But I didn’t get any services, nor I got my money back!

Not sure if it is all a trick. Many other people would have tried to pay that ‘just 1 rupee’ thro’ your IVR and I assume they would have got the same results. Now I am not really willing to dial your call center and ask for those 4 rupees back. It is simply not worth all that effort – Similarly many others would also drop it and what happens to all those 1 rupees we lost? I only hope its not an intentional mistake on your side!


Naga Chokkanathan,



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