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Why Not? — Information Is Gold

Posted on: February 25, 2011

Recently, one of my friends lost his laptop. It was stolen during a train travel.

Later, when he narrated this incident to us, he was mentioning that he lost a 60,000 rupees worth laptop, because of a small mistake, carelessness. Another friend corrected him ‘You lost much more than 60,000 rupees buddy, what about all the data inside that laptop?’

‘Of course, I had lot of data, but the thief is not going to misuse that, Right?’

‘How do you know for sure? Anyway, whether the thief is going to use it or not, You lost some invaluable stuff, Isn’t it? Why are you not worried about that?’

This friend, is from an information security background. And he shared his experience that many people, even the super-intelligent geniuses attach too much of value to their electronic gadgets, and forget all about the data inside. They share important personal or business information through Email / Other online interactions / Pen Drives etc., ‘If you are careless about data and careful about the laptop, it means you are more worried about protecting the jewel box, than the jewels inside!’

We liked this Analogy and he gave us some more examples, comparing data to gold. ‘When you buy gold, you keep it in a secure place, you don’t allow everybody to see it or touch it or steal it, Similar way, all your information has to be protected by password / backup etc.,’

‘At the same time, just because you want to protect the jewels, it doesn’t mean you can keep it in a locker far away from your place. Then it will be useless, won’t be available when you want to wear it for an event. That’s the second dimension.’

‘Finally, When you have lot of jewels, you want to sort them in such a way that you can quickly locate what you need, when you need. Otherwise you end-up wasting time in searching for that necklace and won’t enjoy the party. That’s the third dimension.’

‘Same laws apply to data inside your computer also. Make sure it is secure, available when you need it and sorted in such a way that you don’t waste time looking for data when you need it.’



N. Chokkan …

25 02 2011

1 Response to "Why Not? — Information Is Gold"

yes .. thats right .. we recently sold our old desktop and i refused to give the hard disk .. and kept it myself (though my mom was scolding me for keeping that old box with me 🙂 i know i had lot of college snaps and other stuffs which could be mis-used by someone and i doesn’t want that to happen) .. though i don’t use that hard disk i still kept it myself 🙂
ushaaraaa irukkanum 😉

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