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Why Not? — Brain Development

Posted on: May 6, 2011

Recently I read couple of books about Brain, Memory, and the way our brain processes information. In the middle of all those interesting content, there was a surprising (and fascinating) scientific fact: Neuroplasticity.

Brain Plasticity or Neuroplasticity is the ability of human brain to reorganize itself, throughout our life time. Unlike our other body parts which stop growing or changing after certain age, Brain is a not out batsman. As you read this article, as you look around, as you talk to someone, as you listen to somebody talking, the new knowledge is organized, and reorganized in our brain – Some neural pathways are created, some are disconnected, or reconnected, or strengthened, or new cells are formed… This happens non-stop, without our explicit knowledge. Means, our brain is changing its physical shape and functional areas constantly, and that’s what makes it ‘plastic’.

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Recently there was a study conducted by three researchers (Fred Travis, Maharishi University of Management, US, Harald Harung, Oslo University, Norway and Yvonne Lagrosen, University West, Sweden) to analyze high mind brain development. They concluded that everything we do in our daily lives, changes our brain, constantly. Fred Travis says “If you are a very envious, angry, mean person and that’s the way you think about people, that’s what’s going to be strengthened in your brain. But if you are very expanded and open and supportive of others, there will be different connections.”

This effectively means, we are better off doing some ‘right’ things, to make sure that our brain development is in the positive direction. There are some kinds of people whose brains are ‘highly developed’, It makes them very alert, interested in learning, calm and playful. Those are:

  • Musicians
  • World class Athletes
  • Top-level managers
  • Individuals who practice transcendental meditation

Do you see the pattern? 🙂



N. Chokkan …

06 05 2011


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