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Using Wikis For Software Development / Delivery

Posted on: May 9, 2011

Sometime back, I asked a question in twitter, about using Wikis for Software Development / Delivery. I got very useful responses / links from lot of friends, I thought of summarizing the top 10 ways in which software development teams can use Wikis. Please find this below.

Of course, this is not a complete list, In case you find anything missing or any other useful ways, please leave them in the comments so that this page can become a mini-wiki collecting more and more information. Thanks in advance!


N. Chokkan …

09 05 2011

Sl. No.


Description / Example


Internal Communication

Team level communications – Official / Unofficial / Social – Such as news, completion announcements, congratulatory messages, downtime / uptime announcements, sharing ideas, posting pictures, posting personal ads etc.,


Software Development Tracking

Similar to Project Tracking Solutions we use, but in a much smaller scale – useful for short module tracking


Developer Networks

SAP –>, IBM –>


Solutions / Knowledge Base

FAQs, Answers, Solutions, Sharing Documents, URLs etc., Similar to #1 above, But more focus on Technical aspects, Classified / Categorized based on product / area, Some part may be shared with external world (via a Portal)


Technical Documentation

Same as #4, But only for documents such as Technical Design, Solution Architectures etc., Only for internal use


Task Lists / Action Item Lists (Personal / Team / Project / Module)


Test Plans, Results, Status Update, Regression test results



For various tasks, common checklists across the organization can be maintained as wiki pages, with notes on each item wherever required


Source code comments

Managing Comments for important source codes in a separate wiki, linked to the program (via URL)


Meeting Log Records


1 Response to "Using Wikis For Software Development / Delivery"

We maintain meeting logs as well as action-items and information for these meetings in a wiki. For instance, see:

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