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Essential Questions To Ask – 01

Posted on: August 17, 2011

I compiled these questions as part of a series of articles I am writing for a magazine, sort of a "Personal Checklist" for various soft skills – thought of sharing them with you – If everything goes well, I will be posting similar set of questions (on different topics) every week,

By no means this is a complete list – Please add more questions which I might have missed, Thanks in advance,


N. Chokkan …

17 08 2011

Essential Questions To Ask

1. Communication (Spoken)

  • When others talk, do I Listen? How much?
  • What do I listen exactly? Their words? Tone? Unspoken words? Facial Expressions? Body Language?
  • When I don’t understand what they say, do I feel bad about myself? Is it my mistake? Do I ask questions / doubts? Do I feel bad about asking questions? Should I? Is it a sign of weakness? Can it be a strength really?
  • When I talk and they listen, how do I collect feedback? Do I change the way I talk based on their reactions?
  • Can I see things from someone else’s view? Will it help in me understanding their perspective? Should it change the way I communicate with them?
  • Can I explain the same fact to different people in different ways depending on their maturity level, experience, expertise and expectations?
  • How good is my Vocabulary? Grammar? Do I feel they are important for effective communication, or I can manage with as-long-as-they-get-it-I-am-fine attitude?
  • Do I express my emotions clearly? Should I?
  • What about expectations? Do I make them clear to others? Or they frequently misunderstand what I say, leading to future disappointments?
  • When I speak, am I repeating myself many times because others don’t seem to get it? Is it my mistake, or their problem?
  • When someone expresses an opinion and I disagree with it, should I keep quiet? Or openly disagree with them? Sugarcoat it? Act as if I agree with them and later crib / blog / tweet about it with others? Which one is healthy?
  • You are talking about something I already know, What am I supposed to do? Listen with fake-interest? Play with my smartphone while pretending to listen? Finish your sentences? Change the topic?
  • When talking to others, am I trying to steal the spotlight always? Am I converting dialogs / discussions to stand-up-monologues? Will it affect the way others look at my communication / Message?
  • Can I summarize a discussion with all important points expressed by everybody, in less than 2 minutes? Is it useful? to whom?

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