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Why Not? — Special!

Posted on: September 11, 2011

@ Kumbakonam (a temple city in Tamil nadu, South India) I saw a curious set of name boards, many tea shops, even tne tiniest ones had this flex board. They all had the same brand (Brookebond 3 Roses tea), but different faces, those people didn’t look like actors or models, they were very much common people, like you and me. I was wondering why a big brand like Brookebond is using such commoners in their Ads, can’t they afford professional models?


After some careful observation, I got the clue. They were not models, but owners of respective shops. By using them in their own personalized boards promoting the 3 Roses tea, Brookebond scores double points:

#1 Customers (Regular / New) to that shop will see the owner (most likely making tea in the same shop) endorsing this tea brand via the name board and it will stick better than a Bollywood star or Cricketer promoting it

#2 Loyal customer base, I doubt of these shop owners will ever buy other tea brands, after they are bowled over by such a ‘lime light’

Interesting idea. It is worth spending time and energy to think about ‘What can we do to make our customer special, really special?’



N. Chokkan …
11 09 2011


12 Responses to "Why Not? — Special!"

Yes. Really a great idea. I saw these ads in Thanjavur- my hometown during my last visit.

Thank you Rajarajan

Really innovative marketing technique and you do have a good eye to have noticed it :))

Thank you 🙂

More than on advertising what a great way to recognize its ‘loyal’ customers…. KISS (keep it sweet & simple) plan 🙂

Yes. Very good idea. Thanks for your comments

Definitely this will give good impact & respect to the owner of the shop.

Very True Shankar

Emotional connect from brand to consumer in this TG will pay rich dividends.Also TG successors will continue with same brand.

Yes Sankar, Such connections are not easy to make and you need to be very creative and true to your goal

I have seen with some big corporates using their employees to promote or model for their brand this is almost 5 to 6 years back. Its a good gesture from corporates, works emotionally and financially very well.
Not sure I should be naming them here.

Sure Raghu, Please share the names – it will be a good case study on Social CRM

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