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Why Not? — Monitor

Posted on: September 16, 2011

Yesterday I saw an interesting T-shirt. It had a simple slogan / advertisement:

Even Rajnikanth can’t block spam SMS the way we do 🙂

I liked this creative way of product promotion. So I tweeted about it immediately.

Couple of hours later, I got a reply from the person who was wearing that T-Shirt. He thanked me for the tweet and encouraged me to try the Spam SMS Blocker product he was promoting.

This made me feel very strange. I noticed the creative t-shirt slogan, but didn’t even care about the product it was trying to sell. It is like you remember a wonderful television advertisement, but you can’t recall which product it was selling. That makes it a failed AD, Right?

Fortunately, this company was going beyond a creative T-shirt slogan. They are actively monitoring twitter / facebook and other social networks where people are talking about SMS Spam and using the opportunity to build relationships and promote their product.

In my case, I noticed the t-shirt, slogan, but forgot all about the product. Because of the company’s social monitoring and the way they came back to me with the product recommendation, I went to their website and seriously thinking about using their product. After all, they do something Rajnikanth can’t 😉

This is a beautiful use case on why monitoring should be an important part of your Social CRM Strategy. In this example, Monitoring has helped improve efficiency of an advertisement, which was good on its own, but didn’t make the brand name / product stick!



N. Chokkan …
16 09 2011


4 Responses to "Why Not? — Monitor"

Thats right. Read this story about how big/small companies use twitter to service customers.

Thank you, Very interesting link it is

Good one. So did you buy the product or not? 🙂

I didn’t 😦 it was not available for my phone!

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