Naga Chokkanathan

Visited South Bangalore’s latest attraction “Royal Meenakshi Mall” Yesterday. Didn’t have enough time to browse all stores, Just managed a quick scan and found a very interesting idea in their super market (Called “Hyper City”)

As the name suggests, It is a huge store and it’s very difficult to locate what you are looking for. On the flip side, too many brands were fighting for the buyers’ attention in this ocean of products.

In the middle of all these displays, Hyper City people had kept some toys – Stuffed animals, Barbies, Mickeys, Winnie-the-poohs, Race Cars, Cute pillows, umbrellas and more. Almost all of them were VERY big in size and placed in such a way that kids can see them clearly from far-far away.

These toys were not for sale (they had no price tag). Store people had kept them there purely to attract children.

And, their plan worked. Almost all the kids in the store were touching those toys and playing with them. Their parents didn’t mind because those toys were not purchase-able anyway. It looked like a nice distraction for kids, while their parents can buy stuff peacefully.

On a different level, this strategy had a different goal too. When I looked at the places where those toys were kept, they all were in the middle of some chocolates / biscuits / cakes / dress items / other Kids’ products’ displays. So the kids who played there for at least 10 to 15 minutes were picking some of those stuff and asking their parents to buy them. Even if 20% of the parents agreed, I’m sure those toys will pay back the investment in a matter of few hours.


N. Chokkan …

19 09 2011


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