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Why Not? — Auto-Learn

Posted on: September 20, 2011

Few days back, I downloaded an application for my phone. It works very well, except for a crazy bug – when I add notes there, it is all small (lower case) letters. Even when I add a full stop, the software is not intelligent enough to automaticaly ‘capital’ize the next letter.

I checked in the application web site, already many people reported the problem and there was a patch readily available. I had to download / install it and my issue was resolved. Neat!

But guess what, all these are a so 1990-ish. Why am I expected to patch an application that I installed just a couple of days back? Can’t the system be self-correcting?

These days applications (PC / Mobile / Others) are expected to Auto-learn. Even before an user comes forward and reports the problem, the application should observe the usage pattern and decide that “95% of the users type an upper case letter after a full stop” and automatically suggest this as a bug / enhancement to the development team. You can even go a step ahead and write an alogorithm to Auto-solve bugs.

Too much to ask? Nah! Most of the SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are now Auto-learning. Trick is to make sure that the application remodels itself to the way the user thinks / uses it. For this to happen, you shouldn’t stop after product development, its usage patterns needs to be carefully analyzed – manually, or better, thro’ another software program!

We may have a long way to go in this direction, but that is the future. Web 3.0 users will not be installing patches or suggesting bug fixes. They will simply drop a static application and move on to a more intelligent one!



N. Chokkan …

20 09 2011


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