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Why Not? — Create A Higher State Of Creativity

Posted on: October 11, 2011

Marketing genius John Sculley is famous for his unusual shift, from a sugar water company (Pepsi) to a high-tech corporation (Apple). John was the architect behind the creative “Pepsi Challenge” campaign, which resulted in a major success for Pepsi, ultimately overthrowing Coca-cola from its number one position. Later he played a key role in the massive growth of Apple, and had his share of controversies too.

John Sculley believes a company is only as good as its people, especially their creative levels. He gives six principles for creating a higher state of creativity / innovation culture in an organization:

  1. Make people feel absolutely safe about themselves, about the situation, about making mistakes, so that they can focus on creating something unusual and the challenge level is automatically raised
  2. Don’t give people goals, give them directions
  3. Encourage contrarian thinking – they are far better than absolute judgements
  4. You can’t buy creativity, you need to inspire it. Creative people need their tools and environment which fosters their success – the work environment needs to be informal and relaxed, with no symbols of management
  5. Build emotion into the system, passion pays
  6. Encourage accountability over responsibility – treat people as artists, not developers / programmers



N. Chokkan …

11 10 2011


1 Response to "Why Not? — Create A Higher State Of Creativity"

John Sculley – hmmm – I trust you would have read his “The Odyssy” – From Pepsi to Apple. Begins with how he sacked Steve Jobs after his joining Apple. In 80′ I kept his book near me all the time – like a Bible. 🙂

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