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Posted on: January 5, 2012 is a very famous Indian portal for booking bus tickets. It got (and continues to get) lot of media publicity (mostly free) and as a result, grew from an unknown entity to a well known and trusted brand in a very short time frame.

In the last few months, I heard great things about Redbus via various sources (Newspapers, Television Channels, Magazines, Friends, Relatives, Social Media Pals etc.,) but never had a chance to use their website, mainly because of two reasons : 1. I prefer train travel’s comforts 2. Few years back I had some VERY BAD experience with private bus operators, and decided never to go back.

However, two weeks back, I was forced to travel by bus because train tickets were not available on the day I wanted to travel. With zero motivation / interest, I went to

To cut a long story short, I loved RedBus website, very little content, but presented in the manner that makes sense to the end user, No gimmicks, wonderful interfaces which are intuitive and make the booking process very fast, Integration with almost all popular payment channels, discount coupons, cash vouchers, SMS confirmation, Email Confirmation, Mobile Ticketing… It had everything!

So, I booked my first RedBus ticket, traveled in a private bus after many years, and next day morning, I got an Email, with a subject line “How was your travel?”

It was a mail from asking for feedback about my travel, with a personalized link to a very short form, which took just one or two minutes for me to fill, Nice!

But the best part is, the way Redbus uses this feedback data. They collect this information and decide on the rankings for various bus operators. For example, “xyz travels” may have a 4 star rating, and “abc travels” may have a 2 star rating. Next time when someone else books a ticket, they will know who is more reliable, punctual and providing a better service / care to the travelers.

More than any other feature, this impressed me the most. As I told earlier, I had very bad experience with few bus operators and  Redbus is helping me avoid them, by collecting feedback from all its travelers. As long as people take that one or two minutes to fill out the feedback form, the social ranking system will ensure that good operators get more business and bad people are ignored, even if they sell tickets and cheap rates, People won’t have bad experiences anymore (hopefully!)

Also, this forces the bus operators to improve. They can’t rest on their laurels and continuously keep the service level high, else, they miss the online business, which is growing everyday.

Good job Redbus, This feedback system is a primary differentiator between you and all other retail sites / eStores out there in India.

As a CRM consultant, I can see the value in this huge data Redbus is collecting, wanted to share some feedback about how they can improve this in future:

1. In India, there are more indirect internet users, than direct. What I mean is, many people just ask their son or daughter or neighbor to just ‘book a ticket for me’. They may never use, but they are the ones who travel in those tickets booked

2. Hence, feedback has to be collected in two ways: Redbus Experience Feedback (From the person who booked the ticket) and Travel Experience Feedback (From the person who traveled), In some cases both may be same, but the current form assumes they are always the same, which is wrong

3. To solve this problem, Redbus can consider this:

  • While booking a ticket, ask for the mobile number of at least one passenger
  • After the travel is completed, send an Email to the person who booked the ticket ( member), and an SMS to the person who travelled (Passenger)
  • Email system is similar to what they have today, but it will only collect Redbus experience feedback
  • SMS system will given them two toll free numbers, one for bad feedback and one for good feedback, If they liked the travel, they can call the good feedback system, Else, they can call the bad feedback system, where they can also register (in their own voice) why they didn’t like it
  • This system ensures that Passengers can give the feedback even if they are not internet savvy. They needn’t type a feedback, they can speak, if possible in their own mother tongue (Not all Redbus users speak English, FYI!)

4. I opened the feedback Email in my iPhone and clicked on the link, it took me to home page. Looks like I need to go to my PC and fill the feedback, This not the right way, When someone is taking pains to click on the feedback link in their phone, it is better we respect them and collect the feedback then and there, no one will click that link twice (After all, giving feedback is work without any immediate benefits to me 🙂 )

5. I am not sure if Redbus does it, but they should phase out bus operators who get bad feedback on a regular basis, or give them a timeframe (say “improve in 6 months, else get out”). This makes sure there is a healthy competition among bus operators to stay in database. (Of course, will lose some business because of this, but in the long run, it will become a gold standard for excellence in bus travel!)


N. Chokkan …

05 01 2012


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Actually redbus also calls your mobile the next day, in which you can enter the feedback via IVR in addition to the email.

I also get these mails for feedback from RedBus. But haven’t given any feedback at all. But while booking tickets, i actively scour for the ratings and comments for that bus service. Something to learn here.

never rely on Red bus. I have booked two tickets from delhi to Jodhpur for 25th January 2012 through Red they promised to give good,safe bus for family people…..pick up point was ISBT kashmiri gate when we reached Ghanshyam asked to go to thier head office the bus was really bad people with extra luggage were allowed inside we had to walk on those luggage to reach our seat then the sleeper seat were dark no lights and no safety anyone can open your glass and u have no privacy……..people smoking inside nobody to stop them. height of chalta hein wala attitude……..God… was scary……..before boarding I have confirmed from redbus if the buses are good for night journey and safe for female passengers they promised all…..but fact was really scary….then the arrival time at Jhodpur was 9.30 but we reached around 12.00 noon………..end point was kalpatru cinema but they took us to their own depot which was far off from the city……..I had to spend Rs. 60 extra to reach the hotel. Person at depot inquiry was nonsense and has no sense of honesty,curtsy. he was standing in his own style which i can not mention but one should not stand like that in front of a lady at least but he was continuously doing the nonsense. Vikas Travel absolute waste of money and time they should not stay in this business and redbus should take the responsibility of quality when they are charging 650 per person………i am just trying my level best to caution you all sothat no one should use red bus services for any reason.

go to bikaner house and book tickets these buses are good and safe.

REd bus should be pullout of this service industry………….

Its all a bad experience with red bus. They charged me Rs.1100 each ticket to lucknow saying that thie will be a best experience of journey. Few facts and experience:
The buses are not Red bus (volvo) but definately like redline of delhi.
They asked us to reach ramkriahan ashram. They picked us in one normal bus and took to up border. Anand vihar.
Asked to shift our lugage to another bus saying that its better one.
This bus also is not the Red Bus.
Its already 11:30 and we are sitting in this stationary bus.
Conductore uses abusing language if we complains.
Advice: never purchase ticket from red bus from delhi. They always put you insome other private travel buses. They will always charge you 50% extra and you will have painful journey after paying extra. They dont have any schedule and no ethic.

Manager Redbus,
I booked ticket from redbus to travel from Panvel to Badoda by Patel travels bus on 20th April 2012
On ticket reporting time was mensioned 8.15pm & bus departure time was 8.30pm from Mcdonald Kalamboli (which is most incovinient place,on mumbai pune highway & too dark at not safe)…I reached there before reporting time at 8.05pm & after waiting for almost 2 hours,bus arrived on 10pm but there was no any opolisation from driver & other between 2 hours i tried to contact Patel trsvels but its failed..even Redbus callcenter staff provide me wrong numbers..
I think its Redbus duty of updating Bus status & if its late then you should inform before reporting time so I could have leave late from home to avoid hectic waiting on road.
I am frequent traveler so hope I will get good service from next time.


Thanks for sharing this

I really like redubs to book bus tickets its really very easy also very very comfortable to book online because we can select bus ac/non ac which seat is available and lots of other information which we can’t get in local ticket counter.

Did you know you can also get discount while booking tickets at rebus, you have just use coupon codes which you can find here and use this coupon and get discount for bus tickets.


Dear whom ever it may be,
(TIN: TE6Z58344592)

i have the great and bitter experience with red bus
please don’t take their service. Shemin Mohan : issue ID : 10591284

I had very bad experience with redbus.

I have booked two tickets for Ahmedabad to Bangalore. Payment completed successfully but neither PNR generated nor ticket confirmed. I called customer care and they told me to drop a mail to and they will reply you in 5 working days with your payment. Neither i got payment back if i call to redbus without confirming the details they are disconnecting the call. I tried three to four times but every time same result as and when you will say i didn’t get my payment back they will cut the call.

So please don’t book the bus through redbus. Suman Zalodiya
Issue id : 10372045 and 10371783

It is hard to explain my experience with

I request to people dont book the tick via, these people( are untrusted.i tried to book ticket brom Bijapur to Bangalore on 12/10/2012 on journey date 13/10/20112
two seat (600/seat ) so total 1200/- reupees ,i provided all right details to book ticket when i clicked confirm pay the Payment Response page haunged (spinning for whole day ) no response ,niether ticket booked but Money got deducted .

I called cusomer support they said they will refund and it will take 5 main working day ,and they said try one time after 15 min to book ticket ,

So tried same thing and no result same thing happen ,again money got deducted(1200/-) and no ticket booked .

So totaly i lost 1200+1200= 2400 on that day ,


1) I lost most imprtanrt Time to book ticket (it’s most important then money).
2) I lost 2400/- reupees .

so request you guys dont trust

They won’t understand Customer feelinngs and their Money and Time ,

“ = looter”

Never travel by REDBUS. I had a journey through hell booking online for Nainital. The story is the same as told my many below. The bus operators are scamsters running old and delapitaded buses. The time, reservation seat number and bus type , picture , condition don’t match. I had to wait 3 hours in a ramshackle bus before it ran past midnight, I tried to complain but the operator got abusive and tried to throw me out if the bus. Never travel by a private bus, it’s safer to use the train or a state roadways bus. If you do travel privately do it direct at your own risk, but will be a lot cheaper. Another fact, there are only fake Volvos with super cramped seating dusty interiors and bad BAD suspension so you can feel every pothole and bump magnified several times over. Someone should take REDBUS to court.

Today we booked apple travles bus ticket through red bus services but the bus condition is very worst nd they were not providing even blanket nd water botle also.inside the bus lot of muskitos is there we asked the conductor wether u peoples are providing blanket are not but the felloe is not giving proper answer.

Today morning I booked a ticket from for Pune to Bharuch, but just after few minutes I got a call from call centre that the bus is cancelled and my money will be refunded.

But when I checked the list of buses in the evening for the same route and same date, I can still see that bus in the list with the lowest cost.

So I am thinking that this is a very unprofessional behavior and a case of cheating, where they are attracting consumers for booking and then denying them the reservation for that rate.

I am very upset and disappointed with the Red bus service.

I have used REDBUS only once when travelling from Delhi to Nainital. I will never again use their service, its a complete fraud and they use unlicensed thuggish bus operators with broken down buses without any permits and you as s customer are really fooled by their website and talk claims of private bus operators. Moreover their customer service really sucks. I barely escaped with my life when asking for a refund from the operator- he was ready to throw me off the bus after assaulting me when asked for his bus papers and licence. So heed my warning don’t book through REDBUS, take the ticket directly from the Inter State Bus terminus in a Goverment bus if you value your life.

I also get these mails for feedback from RedBus. But haven’t given any feedback. But while booking tickets, i actively score for the ratings and comments for that bus service. Something to learn here.

Worst service, i never faced such a situation. i booked ticket from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam and i choose my boarding point at kondapur at 8:30 pm. i waited till 10:30 at boarding point only, i called to redbus customer care they dint respond me, finally i came to know that that day bus was cancelled. i fought with them. finally they arranged seat in another travels, which is very worst bus. The bus started at 3am. lots of passengers faced bitter experience,
Don’t choose redbus

Redbus online booking is worst. I have booked for Solapur to Nanded. They have charged Rs. 700. When I enquired in Hamsafar office, the fare is Rs. 600. The bus provided by them is of Royal travels which is horrible.Bus condition is worst and dirty. While online booking on redbus, the amount was deducted from my account but ticket was not confirmed. When we have called on toll free no. operator was advising for another booking. When, I called Royal travels and redus, both sent confirmation lateron. The experience is worst.

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