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Posted on: April 28, 2012

There are many ways to read a newspaper. I guess Suresh Kumar’s method is this:

1. Read one news item
2. Close the news paper, and your eyes
3. Imagine a fictional story with this news incident as the background
4. Find powerful characters, tie them to the incident
5. Write a story
6. Proceed to next news item
7. Go to 1 🙂

Suresh Kumar is the author of “Cracked Pots“, a collection of short stories published by Power Publishers, Kolkata (151 Pages, Price Rs 225/-). He likes Ilayaraja and Steve Waugh, so you can guess what sort of perfectionalist he must be.

This reflects in his stories too. Almost all the stories are very detailed with elaborate characters, scenes and conclude with a powerful message.

One good example is, “It’s In the name” (According to me, the best story in the collection). This story is set in the background of IndoPak Partition (1947 August) and narrates in detail, painful happenings that we might have read in nonfiction books. When Suresh Kumar writes the same with the aid of some fictional characters, we feel for the real people who lost their lives / family / friends / assets and more during partition.

On a similar note, Suresh brings 9/11, 26/11, Osama assasination, even the Nithyananda Video scam as his story backgrounds. But then, none of these stories are like newspaper articles, far from that. When you realize the story is actually based on a real incident, it gives an unexpected turn and satisfaction to the reader.

Buy Cracked pots: Book

The only weakness I see in this collection is, there is a mix of serious and funny (sometimes silly) stories. This by itself is not a wrong thing to do, but dilutes the overall impact the serious stories make, at least according to me.

Also, the layout of the book didn’t impress me. To be frank, it looks like a plain computer print out 😦 Even the wrapper design (especially the back wrapper) is not very professional and misses to make an impact.

Apart from stories, another thing I liked in the book is, Suresh Kumar has written a cute ‘autobiography’ to this book itself and it is found somewhere in the middle of stories. In a first person’s voice, the book introduces itself to you and tells its story. Nice idea!

I understand from Suresh Kumar’s Times Of India interview that he is now working on a novel based on IT industry, and another short story collection. Looking forward to them!


N. Chokkan …

28 04 2012


2 Responses to "News, Stories and more"

Thanks for introducing Suresh Kumar. I haven’t heard this writer’s name before 🙂

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