Naga Chokkanathan

Arranged Love?

Posted on: August 14, 2012

In college, I had two friends who loved each other. Very deep love, they even ‘planned’ their campus interviews in such a way that they get job offers at the same company.

Training days were full of fun. They were looking forward to being together forever.

Unfortunately, their employer noticed this and decided to place them in two different cities.

The love birds were crest fallen. They even debated whether one of them should resign the job and find another job so that they can be in the same city at least.

They would have done it, if they were college kids, now some fear stopped them from going that extreme and they decided to accept the reality.

For the next few months, they were living in different cities, meeting over the weekends, Either he would travel, or she would travel so that they can spend some time together. They hated it, and wanted to be in the same city, or same company, if possible. Somehow, it was not happening.

Slowly, their frequency of travels came down, may be because they both got a mobile phone, but they met each other less and less, we were wondering if anything wrong between them.

Actually, there was nothing wrong at that time, but soon, they started seriously re looking at their romantic relationship, Not because they found another lover boy / girl, but for some reason it was not attractive to love someone far away.

Couple of years later, the girl decided to fly to America for a project and that almost sealed their story together. There was no fight, no discussions, no words really, they just agreed to split. Both of them are married (to different partners) now.

I met one of them last week, he sounded very happy with his career, family and talked non stop about his sons. I asked him casually, if he remembers the old love anymore.

He hesitated a moment, and then gave this answer, ‘When you are truly in love, silly things like physical distance don’t matter, But I guess both of us were not serious about the love, that’s why we split at the first available chance, Now I don’t even remember her face, I am sure it will be the same case with her.’

Hmmm, not a very romantic finale, to a ‘supposed to be romantic’ story 🙂

What would have happened if they continued to work in the same city / company? Getting married based on a not-so-ideal love, is better than an arranged marriage? Or the other way?!

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