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Time Management Basics

Posted on: January 9, 2013

Today I gave a talk on Time Management Basics (& few related topics), to a team of young engineers @ Moolya Bangalore. Special Thanks to my friend Dhanasekar, who invited me to speak on this topic.

Moolya wanted me not to use any Presentation / Slides and make it an informal session. So, all I have is a list of topics I covered (or wanted to cover 🙂 and the MP3 Audio Recording. I used a tablet PC to record the audio, with no mike, So the audio quality may be poor, But I guess you can manage!

One note, this is a very basic talk on time management topics, don’t expect any advanced discussions / hands on practice, I wanted to cover as many topics as possible in the given time slot and this is the best we could manage. Hope it is useful to some.

Topics List:

  • Time Management <> Scheduling
  • Time Management : Macro Level / Micro Level
  • Tracking your current usage of time / Comparison / Action
  • Task List / Tools
  • Prioritizing
  • Time bound tasks
  • Handling Interruptions
  • Pomedoro Project
  • Delegation & Automation
  • Emails & Time Management
  • Email Flags
  • Phone Calls & Time Management
  • Meetings & Time Management : As an organizer, As a participant
  • Handling “Wait Time”
  • Sleep
  • Work : Life Balance

MP3 Audio Recording

Click Here To Download

Video Recording

<To Be Uploaded>


N. Chokkan …

09 01 2013


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