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“Come On, Inner Peace, I Don’t Have All Day” By Sachin Garg

Posted on: August 4, 2013

Couple of years back I read Sachin Garg’s novel “I’m Not Twenty Four” and liked it. After that I Started following him regularly, via books and social media.

His latest novel “Come On, Inner Peace, I Don’t Have All Day!” is a very good read. Especially for its wonderful characterisation and dialogue.

This time, Sachin Garg has picked a much serious topic (something with a potential to change lives), yet handles it in a light style that is typical of his books (and something which suits his readers very well).

Sachin takes couple of characters from one of his earlier novels, and continues to write what happened in their lives. But the treatment is very different from his earlier works and he has focussed more on philosophy, life lessons, while carefully avoiding boredom by knitting wonderful characters and incidents in a picturesque setting (Rishikesh).

As the back wrapper says, this book makes you think about the face paced life we have, and motivates us to spend time and show love to fellow people.

I know it is a very basic thing, and the fact that someone had to write a full novel to push this obvious message tells you the state we are in!

(Come On, Inner Peace, I Don’t Have All Day : Sachin Garg : Grapevine India : Rs 100)


After reading this novel and writing this review, I was searching online for its wrapper image to post along with this review, and found an interesting picture from “Hindustan Times”. They had listed this book under “Non Fiction”.

My immediate reaction was “Wait a minute, I read a whole non fiction book thinking it is a novel? Oops!”

Fact is, Hindustan Times made a mistake by posting this novel under “Non Fiction” category. But, I won’t blame them. With this kind of a title and wrapper image, anyone will assume this book as a spiritual analysis paper or a self help text 🙂


2 Responses to "“Come On, Inner Peace, I Don’t Have All Day” By Sachin Garg"

The story in the book is improbable and doesnt make sense. I was expecting it to have some good advice on peace and calming of the mind. Instead what I got was a tale so bizarre. Most situations in the story are contrived

Inner peace is not achieved by anyone’s “ADVICE”.
Instead, go for some physical exercices, pranayams and some spiriual pratices. I did try many, but finally settled for Surashan Kriya by The Art of Living.
visit :

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