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Love Is Vodka By Amit Shankar

Posted on: August 9, 2013

I got introduced to this book via a very interesting Facebook campaign. I saw number of people posting a picture of a book, along with a mug. That mug had the book’s cover printed on it.

Later, in the same facebook page they started posting interesting dialogues from the book, again with the strong book wrapper branding. This not only promoted the book’s content, but also made sure people will remember the wrapper when they visit a book store next time. It was a very useful marketing campaign, at least for an Indian book.

Oops. The CRM consultant in me took over, even when I just wanted to just write a book review. Let me return to the topic.

Amit Shankar’s “Love Is Vodka” Novel, published by Vitasta, is an interesting read. It will be criminal to summarize a full novel in one sentence, but for the twitter generation, this is a journal style story of a young girl.

To be fair, this book has less story and more characterisation. Amit Shankar seems to be focusing on providing snapshots of people, how they behave, how they interact with each other, and put them in interesting situations. Once this is established, the reader can have fun in being inside the book, than expecting twists and turns in every corner.

This works to a large part of the book. You learn about Moon Ami, a girl born to a French father and an Indian mother. Due to various circumstances, her mother raises Moon Ami as a single patent, even though the father is technically still “in touch”. This puts lots of complexities in the girl’s personality and she starts looking at the world, people around her in a different manner.

When Moon Ami wants to make a career, she faces lots of interesting people. Many times she is cool because no decisions are to be made, she is after all a simple girl and can afford to be irrational sometimes, even in the matters of love.

But the world becomes totally different when she becomes famous. She is not able to handle the fame and its aftermaths. Love as a word and as a concept confuses her a lot and she is torn between choices, because she is not able to put things in buckets like good, bad etc.,

Amit Shankar’s writing style is simple, works perfectly fine. You can finish this book in a single sitting, and you would still remember the important characters. That is a big thing, given the fact that the book is marketed under popular fiction.

Few negative things about the book, while the main character is strong enough, her thought process is not well explained in certain scenarios, especially when she makes never before decisions. So the reader is confused if she is acting as per her personality, or not.

Similarly, most of the secondary characters are not described enough to support the story. They are just there while the story seems to be moving on with the main characters alone.

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thanks a ton for your kind words. would you like to review my other two titles as well? drop me a line.

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