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Wharton University is starting a new course on “An Introduction to Marketing” @ the famous Coursera platform,

I attended a Coursera course earlier and I would strongly recommend their platform, it is probably the best modern learning method you would ever see (of course, next only to the class room teaching) and it is typically taught by the best professors in the world, on that particular subject. You may just attend the video lectures, or do a full course by completing assignments, taking tests, exam etc.  and they give you a nice (and well respected) certificate on completion.

For this, You may have to spend a maximum of 6 hours a week watching Video classes, doing (fun & challenging) assignments, taking tests etc. and this course’s duration is 9 weeks.

Best part, the course is completely free!

If you are in the CRM / Marketing field or want to be there some day, make best use of this opportunity. The link is here:



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