Naga Chokkanathan

Eye Movement & Productivity

Posted on: March 11, 2014

I usually do my translations on soft copy only. For the first time, a publisher sent a hard copy, he had no soft copy.

So, I started translating using the hard copy itself. Found it VERY difficult, I couldn’t do beyond 50% of my normal speed.

Yesterday I read an article about speed reading, eye ball movement & the strain it causes in readers. They told if this movement can be minimized, we can be very fast in reading.

Then it occurred to me, may be that’s the reason I am not able to do this translation fast. I need to move eyes from printed pages to computer so many times every minute. May be that slows me down?

So, I clicked each page, moved the pictures to computer, translated from the pictures. Now I am back to normal speed 🙂

Wow, a slight eye movement can cause 50% drop in productivity?! Wondering what are the other such silly mistakes we do!


N. Chokkan …
11 03 2014


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Nice observation 🙂


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