Naga Chokkanathan

The Journey Home

Posted on: July 15, 2014

“Autobiography of an American Swami” is the tagline for this heavy (literally and figuratively) book, which reminds you of a very famous self help book. However, this is a totally different kind of book where Radhanath Swami has described his spiritual journey in detail. It is so interesting, you can’t resist reading more about him online, even after reading a 340 page autobiography of him.

This author’s spiritual quest has started at a very young age. He began asking questions and studying various religions by going through their holy books, traveling, speaking to number of holy men. This journey took him to India, and he stayed in Himalaya, living as a simple Sadhu, roaming around the country meeting interesting people. He describes these discussions and experiences in a poetic language.

So, this book reads part memoir, part biography and part a philosophical manual. With all this complexity, you can read it really fast as the incidents are very interesting and there is not a dull moment anywhere. The questions raised by the author to various people and the understanding he gets from them (or from others, life experiences) gives us so much to think about!

(The Journey Home : Radhanath Swami : Jaico : Rs 250)


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