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God is a gamer by Ravi Subramanian

Posted on: October 24, 2014

Few months back, I read about Bitcoins. I tried to research about them and found only suspicious links. It seemed like a big fraud.

At the same time, many articles were suggesting this is going to change everything. It looked as if both sides are right.

When I started reading Ravi Subramanian’s “God Is A Gamer” novel, I was eager to know if he can solve my confusion about this Bitcoins concept. As a specialist of Banking themed novels, he has used Bitcoins as the central theme of this story.

This novel is not really a primer on Bitcoins. But Ravi Subramanian gives clear explanation about it using his characters. This makes it an interesting read for everything, whether they knew about Bitcoins or not.

Just like Ravi Subramanian’s other novels, “God is a gamer” starts in a city (New York) and then moves between Washington DC, Mumbai and Goa rapidly, with short, crisp chapters (most of them are just two pages long) conveying seemingly unrelated events, but all of them are very central to the story. He uses the standard thriller novel pattern, with a modern twist with the use of technology. He makes the reader move to the next chapter with eager expectations and the plot is strong enough to carry it throughout the novel.

I am amazed at the details he has provided about the world of Bitcoins and the thin line he maintains about what is real, what is imaginary and what is possible. To understand this, imagine electricity is just invented and many are yet to get it in their places. At that time, someone comes to your village and talks about electricity positively, but you are still afraid what will happen if you touch that wire. Ravi Subramanian creates a similar environment here. I am eager to know what is the reaction of Bitcoin enthusiasts to this work.

Of course, I am not talking about accuracy of details. But I want to know if this will make them act cautious when it comes to dealing with Bitcoins. It will be an interesting social experiement.

As far as the plot is concerned, it is good, though a bit dramatic in many places. But then, you need to expect it in a thriller. Ravi Subramanian doesn’t spend too much time in explaining his characters, instead letting the events and dialogues do the job. It gives an interesting reading experience as we are left to imagine many things about characters.

Ravi Subramanian’s dialogues are an impressive feature of his novels. Of course, there are usual cliche portions in some places. But most of it sounds accurate and practical. He ensures that characters convey what is required, yet ensuring the plot is not revealed early. It may sound obvious, but I really admire that in all great thriller writers, you need great control when you have so many pages and so many readers with you 🙂

On the production side, Penguin Books has brought this book with top quality. Recommended for anyone who likes thriller novels, you would enjoy this better if you understand (or want to understand) the banking domain!

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1 Response to "God is a gamer by Ravi Subramanian"

Good review – Ravi Subramaniam is now on my list of authors to read!

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