Naga Chokkanathan

The Magic Cake

Posted on: November 8, 2014

Once upon a time there was a king. He had a son who was nine years old. He was brimming with energy running all around the palace.

One day, the prince got ill. He couldn’t even get up from his bed.

A soldier came running to the king and said, “Your highness, the prince is not feeling well, he wishes to see you immediately.”

The king was deeply worried. He went running to his son’s chamber. People looked at the king and thought, “our emperor always used to summon others to his court. Now he is rushing to the prince himself. That’s the power of love.”

As the king saw his son, tears were rolling from his eyes. He asked the prince, “My son, what happened, how are you feeling now?”

The prince answered in a dull voice, “Father, I am feeling very weak. I hate these medicines your court physicians are giving. Please ask them to give me some sweets instead.”

As soon as the prince conveyed his wish, the king ordered his subordinates to bring the choicest sweets for his son.

People wanted to tell the king that it is not advisable to eat sweets when one is ill. But they were afraid of the king. So they brought many kinds of delicious sweets for their prince.

Seeing these, the prince’s mouth watered. He wanted to reach out and gobble those delicacies. But he couldn’t even lift a finger. Even when the king tried to feed sweets to him, he couldn’t enjoy them, because those sweets now tasted bitter due to his illness.

The king got very disappointed and went back to his court. He ordered to bring all wise men of his country there and asked them to find a cure for his son immediately.

Those men got to work and they prepared many kinds of medicines. But the prince rejected all of them saying they are bitter.

Far away from that palace lived a poor girl. Though exceptionally small, she was very intelligent. She heard about the prince’s illness and his rejection of all bitter medicines. She wondered how he will be cured if he refuses to drink medicines that are necessary to get him back to normalcy.

So, she thought of a plan. She started collecting all the things that she would need to make a medicine for the prince. She ground them into a powder.

Next day, she started her journey to the palace. When she reached there after hours of walking, gate keepers refused to let her in.

The girl begged to them, but they didn’t budge an inch.

The girl thought of an idea. She showed them a cake she brought from her village and told them she can make such yummy cakes for them if they let her in.

Gate keepers were tired after a long day of work. They saw that cake and agreed to let her inside if she would make five such cakes for them.

The girl got to work. She collected all the things required from nearby houses and stayed making her cake.

Soon the prince smelled the aroma of the cake and announced, “I want that cake immediately.”

Few soldiers ran down and asked the girl to give a cake for the prince. The girl was expecting this and she had added the medicine in the cake batter already. So she happily gave them the cake.

The Prince ate the cake and felt happy. He could see that he was getting better, thanks to the girl’s cake.

The king heard this and jumped with joy. He summoned his soldiers to bring the girl to his court and showered her with gifts.

The girl who made the magic cake that cured the prince thanked the king and told him politely, “your majesty. Since the prince was unwell, our entire nation was ailing. Now we all are happy and will prosper forever in your able administration. But please make sure all kids in our nation take the necessary vegetables, fruits and herbs every day to remain healthy always.”

(This post is written by Naga & Nangai as part of “Indi Blogger” Happy Hours contest sponsored by Dabur Chyawanprash. For more details on this, refer to


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