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Thinking For The Customer

Posted on: December 5, 2014

Today I had a meeting at 5:00 PM. Let us say the meeting title was “Discussion on New Project”.

During the meeting, I wanted to take notes and opened my “Evernote” application, clicked on “New Note” button.

Immediately, a note opened with the heading “Notes from Discussion on New Project”. I was amazed at this cool UX trick.

So, Evernote talks to my tablet’s calendar, knows that I am having a meeting from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM, In between if I try to create a new note in its application, it assumes that I want to make notes on that meeting and creates a note with appropriate title. Wow!

May be 99.99% of the users (including me) won’t even notice / understand this useful addition to their application. But its makers were thoughtful in imagining / adding this simple feature to their App.

When it comes to customer experience, such small things matter a lot, Well done Evernote!


N. Chokkan …

05 12 2014


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