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Posted on: December 7, 2014

Booked a Taxi @ “Taxi For Sure” today using mobile. Driver reached our place within 5 minutes. We were very happy (and surprised).

But, we were not ready. So we took 10 minutes.

Once we reached the taxi, we apologized to the driver for making him wait. He said, ‘No issues sir, in fact I must thank you for this.’

We were surprised why he must thank us for making him wait. He narrated an interesting story.

When we booked the taxi, he was in a tea shop, just ordered tea and was about to take his first sip. His mobile app instructed him to rush for the customer instead.

So, he didn’t drink his tea and reached us quickly. May be his company expects him to reach the customer place in “X” minutes. He didn’t want to wait till finishing that tea.

Or, maybe he genuinely wanted to serve us better and reached our home quickly.

Either way, we felt very bad as if we took away that simple pleasure from his daily routine.

But, no issues. Once he reached our home and realized we will take 10 minutes to start, he had his cup of tea in a nearby shop. I voluntarily paid him extra for wasting his first tea 😛

Now, the big question: Taxi companies ask drivers to carry GPS enabled smart phones and be “Available” any time, so that they can promise their customers “quick pick up”. While it is important to provide quick service, isn’t it wise to let these drivers take such small breaks in between? It is not a machine which you want to use 100% of the time to get quick returns, a human being is driving that machine.

When we go on long trips, I ensure the driver takes his tea / coffee / lunch with us and has good sleep in the night. But I rarely think about those things in short trips within the city. I must.


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Not many are as generous and courteous as you… similarly not all drivers are the same. In the good old days of conventional taxi meter – the driver had a simple signage of “For Hire” whenever he is available – turn it down when he is on a break – and Turns it further down when he is engaged with another customer…. I guess the app should facilitate the driver to change his Status – like the above – like many other IM apps.

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