Naga Chokkanathan

I type a lot (Both in and outside office), and it is tiring. Many times I felt ‘won’t it be cool if someone is with me always, records what I say, types it neatly and gives it to me?’

Practically speaking, that ‘someone’ should be ‘something’, that is a voice to text software that works in English and Tamil (the languages where I write). I wished someone will make it for me and save me some time and energy.

Today, I tried dictating an Email to tablet using my Evernote Android application. Speech to text worked perfectly, But the problem was somewhere else: I didn’t feel comfortable “Telling” the computer what to type, After struggling for 15 minutes, I typed the letter in 3 minutes.

It is not the matter of typing fast / slow, when you are used to controlling what you write by physically touching the pen or keyboard, doing it yourself is a lot easier than telling someone what to write.

I hear few writers dictate a whole novel in this method, they must have trained their brains for that I believe.

Till few minutes back, I was thinking a ‘perfect voice to text software’ will be the greatest gift to me. Now I don’t want it.

Human brain is strange, really!


Naga Chokkanathan …

11 12 2014


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