Naga Chokkanathan

Two Products from ASUS

Posted on: January 24, 2015

Asus has asked an interesting question to computer users. They have provided two of their latest products, asking people to choose the one which suits their lifestyle.

I reviewed those two products. They are:

ASUS EeeBook X205TA


ASUS All in One PC ET2040

I must say the category between these two (bulky laptop) is the most popular one today. But this will change for sure, given its limitations. So, I thought about my use case and the one which will suit me the best.

I am not a heavy computing user. That means, I don’t play games or download/ watch large videos. My tasks are restricted to Email, Notepad and Browser.

Among these three, I want mobility. Means, instead of Notepad, I will settle for Evernote, which syncs my notes on the cloud and I can access it anywhere.

In addition, I expect the keyboard to be slightly bigger than usual, because I type a lot.

With these requirements, when I review these two products, I am leaning towards the EeeBook option. The Desktop is also interesting; I would love to use it at home. But EeeBook is a choice which will satisfy all my requirements.

These are the top 5 reasons why I made this choice:

1. Light weight. As I need to carry this to most of the places I go, it shouldn’t be too heavy. It may not be as light as a tablet computer, at the same time, ASUS EeeBook’s promise of < 1Kg weight is a strong selling point

2. Similarly, it is thin (1.75 cm). So, I don’t have to carry a bulky bag for it (which may be heavier than EeeBook itself :-P). I can go for a simple bag which is easy while travelling. I assume it will be easy to use in a car or bus seat, which is normally difficult for a regular laptop

3. Battery power: ASUS EeeBook promises all day computing (12+ hours of Browser usage). This will be very useful because I don’t have to carry a charger, except when the trip is longer than a day

4. I owned a netbook (from a different manufacturer) earlier. It was not a great product. It worked fine initially. But slowly, it deteriorated and became super slow. I still have that netbook thinking what can be done with it. I assume ASUS EeeBook won’t have such a problem because of the Quad-core processor it has

5. Price. I see that ASUS EeeBook is available at a price less than Rs 15,000, which is very competitive when compared to regular laptops. With multiple options in terms of color and design, I feel this will be a strong selling point

To summarize, ASUS EeeBook looks very good, I hope they have done their research and taken care of all the typical netbook issues in this product. Looking forward to seeing this product live in Bangalore soon!


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