Naga Chokkanathan

Quickr has introduced a Chat feature for buyers and sellers to talk to each other in a secure platform.

I have used Quickr and similar platforms before. I have interacted with others on phone, Email and Chat and when I think about these three channels, I feel Chat will be the best one and will really make it sticky for millions of users to start buying and selling in Quickr. Why?

Reason 1: I needn’t share my Email/ Phone number with the other person

With the demand for personal phone numbers/ Email IDs high, some people may use such systems just to get valid phone numbers, Email addresses so that they can sell them to SPAM providers. Irrespective of how much care the website takes, you can’t control such people.

With this background, Chat is a beautiful option. I am able to communicate with people without giving away any personal information. Any messages they send reach me and my responses reach them in a centralized system.

Reason 2: There is a written record for all discussions

When you are trying to sell something, you give many promises. When you are trying to buy something, you hear many promises. It is practically impossible for someone to remember these things.

For example, if you buy a television and realize after few months that something is missing, it is difficult to go back to that person and prove to them that they promised it. That person may be genuine and forgot what was promised, it will lead to embarrassment.

That’s why I always prefer written communication, where there is a record for everything. You can point it to them and they need to accept it because they have said it themselves. As this system is in place, people will hesitate to give false promises. So, the buyer and seller can be absolutely sure that the transaction is well documented and protects both their interests.

Reason 3: Mobile alerts

If many people are interested in the same product, you are likely to get many calls. Handling them will be very difficult as you will be telling the same story to everyone, there is no assurance that you repeat consistently same message to everyone.

With a mobile alert feature, I will know in real time who is trying to buy my items and I can copy paste the same message to everyone. In fact, it will be great if they can provide an autoresponse feature, whereby the user can post information about what they are selling to multiple people automatically.

This also reduces the cost of selling for both sellers and buyers. Most of the communication will happen through WIFI or 3G connections which are cheap, when compared to voice calls, which may disturb you in odd times.

There are many other reasons, I am confident chat feature will revolutionize the selling process for sites like Quickr. Looking forward to this experience.


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