Naga Chokkanathan

Simple Things

Posted on: March 22, 2015

What are the simple things that make me happy?

1. Reading a simple book:

I say ‘simple’ because I feel that is the only way I know the author cares for me. There are some ‘difficult’ books that I enjoy sometime. But the best books I enjoy are those where the author has put his best efforts to make it easy for the reader, because (s)he genuinely cares for the reader and wants them to understand the book.

2. Ticking off an item in my “To Do” list:

I maintain different “To Do” lists (some in paper, some in computer, and some in mind) for office, personal and family related tasks. I feel SO GOOD when I complete one of the tasks and tick off that item from the list. In fact, I would say that thrill is better than actually doing the task 🙂

3. Making stories:

I don’t even write 1% of the stories I ‘make’. For example, when I am walking on the road, I see a person with a happy face, immediately I start imagining what could be the reason for his smile. It feels so good to guess and then move on to the next story.

4. Walking, on the road:

I have tried the treadmill route. But that is nowhere near the experience you feel when you are walking on the road. Especially if the road is not very busy with traffic and you can walk in the midst of green trees or plants. Thanks to Bangalore, I get this experience almost every day.

5. Listening to music:

This is combined with the walking part. Unlike many of my friends, I don’t prefer to listen to music when I am working. But when I walk, I need music. I am a strict Ilayaraja-listener, rarely (less than 5%) I listen to other music directors.

6. Hot, Filter Coffee:

Being a south Indian, this is a default item in the list. I LOVE my coffee, and I HATE fake coffees. Whatever be the work I need to do, if you ensure regular supply of coffee at right intervals, be assured that it will be done with top quality 😛

7. Talking to kids:

I am fascinated by the imagination of kids. I am pretty confident adults can’t match even a tiny bit of that. They see things around them and ask so many questions. It is easy to ignore them and move on; but try answering those questions, you will realize how much you “don’t know” and “didn’t ask”.

8. Twitter:

I like the challenge of telling anything on 140 characters. 95% of the times I succeed, other 5% I cheat by creating multiple tweets on same subject.

9. Teaching:

I wanted to be a teacher. I could achieve it partially be becoming a trainer. Someday, I hope to be a ‘real’ teacher. Till that time, I will bug everyone I meet offering them to teach something or the other 😛

10. Spending time with family:

It may look like a routine thing in a list like this. But I mean this. For a person like me who prefers to avoid chatter and get to work quickly, I really don’t know how this ‘spending time with family’ fits me and makes me happy. Don’t want to know the answer as it works, and that’s what matters 🙂

Thanks to the Coke Video that made me think about this list!


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