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Christmas is around the corner. We see Christmas theme in everything: Stores, paper advertisements, websites and so on.

Unlike many other popular festivals, there are tons of books about Christmas. Most of them are not religious in nature, they capture different slices of this festival and the way it is celebrated.

Eric Dana Hansen’s “Ian, CEO, North Pole” is a novel about Ian, an elf working for Santa.

Yes, Santa maintains a large facility in North Pole where many elves are working and Ian is one of them. He is a hard-worker, but finds it difficult to fit in any department there. He keeps switching from one place to other.

After couple of iterations, he finds the right job for him matching his strengths, interests. But before long, he is forced to switch again, but this time it is a positive switch.

Eric Dana Hansen has taken this simple story and given it a very pleasant treatment. After a few pages, you feel like sitting with Ian all the time, understanding his thoughts, working hard with him, trying to learn everything about Christmas and Santa.

Yes, the novel manages to pack lot of information about Christmas without boring the readers. I wouldn’t call it a business novel as it doesn’t provide any ‘lessons’ explicitly, but it does gives you a lot to think about your own life, career.

Looking forward to read more stories of Ian!

You can read more about this book here:



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