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“Pocket” ( is a great app, I recommend it to everyone. Saves lot of time (and frustration) + it makes sure your reading habit is not compromised even in the age of Social Media.

How do I use it?

1. Whenever somebody recommends a good article: Click “Share” => Send to Pocket (Works on PC/Mobile/Tablet), Keep doing it throughout the day

2. Later, when you have time (let us say you are in a bus or a queue or having lunch alone), open Pocket App, look into each article added in earlier days:

a. Do I want to read it now? (For example, reading a technical article when you are in a crowded bus may be NOT OKAY)

If yes, open and start reading : no distractions, system remembers upto which portion you read so that you can continue next time. They even have a “Read” feature where you can “listen” to an article

If no, move to next article

b. After reading 100 words.. Is the article good? Do you want to continue reading it?

If no, delete and move to next article

That’s all. You can read 1000s of words every week, if you follow this with good control.


“Feelings Doctor”

I think these two words I found inside this novel summarise the whole story. It is written as a first person account by a nanny who takes care of a small kid born to wealthy parents, and eventually gets caught in the fight between them.


Unfortunately, every character in the story needs a feelings doctor. Some of them visits the feelings doctor almost every week, taking medications to control what they are going through. The youngest character in the novel uses these words in a very painful moment.

This novel by C. Y. Brown talks about the impact money makes on people’s lives. How they are ready to give up anything and everything just to get more of money.

Of course, not everyone is like that even today. But their number keeps increasing and this novel describes one such example.

The story is well written, and you keep turning the pages. Eventually it ends without any twist in the tale, which may disappoint some people.

My personal favorites from this novel are the happy moments the heroine shares with many of the characters around. Almost all of them disappoint her eventually, but the reader will definitely feel for her and wish her peace of mind at least after the novel has ended!

You can read more about this novel here:


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