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App Recommendation: Pocket

Posted on: December 22, 2016

“Pocket” ( is a great app, I recommend it to everyone. Saves lot of time (and frustration) + it makes sure your reading habit is not compromised even in the age of Social Media.

How do I use it?

1. Whenever somebody recommends a good article: Click “Share” => Send to Pocket (Works on PC/Mobile/Tablet), Keep doing it throughout the day

2. Later, when you have time (let us say you are in a bus or a queue or having lunch alone), open Pocket App, look into each article added in earlier days:

a. Do I want to read it now? (For example, reading a technical article when you are in a crowded bus may be NOT OKAY)

If yes, open and start reading : no distractions, system remembers upto which portion you read so that you can continue next time. They even have a “Read” feature where you can “listen” to an article

If no, move to next article

b. After reading 100 words.. Is the article good? Do you want to continue reading it?

If no, delete and move to next article

That’s all. You can read 1000s of words every week, if you follow this with good control.


2 Responses to "App Recommendation: Pocket"

Thanks!Downloaded now and started using it!

Thanks for the novel idea. Sir, I read a paper-clipping that Life Biography of AzizPremji authored by you, is interesting. What is the name of Publisher & contact details? If they sell e-book, that details also required please.

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